It’s Simple Daily Prompt–Struggle

How complicated is life really?

This week my little family is doing research on various topics. We each wrote a subject on a slip of paper, threw the slips in a hat and drew. On Sunday we will each give a small presentation that reflects our research. My topic is Medieval Torture Devices. I am not even slightly interested in this topic, but whoever chose to write this subject and throw it in the hat obviously is. So, I will approach this topic as if it were my life’s passion.

Life is not complicated at all. It’s simple. Love people. Honor God. Hope with your whole heart. Keep trying. Give generously. Expect nothing. Rejoice in everything.

I have struggled my whole life. I have been drawn to people who struggle. I wanted to share their burdens, I wanted to grow with them. I have been disappointed by them and I have let them down. I have over complicated life. Life is a matter of small decisions. It is choosing people who want to be in your life, it is choosing to let go of those who don’t. And those who want to be deserve everything you have to give. Those who want to struggle, who choose to complicate every interaction, who demand what they cannot give. Let them go.

I will focus my energy, and it is abundant, on those who only ask that I love them. Those whose struggles are not meant to be roadblocks, but are struggles toward growth and understanding. Struggles that become bearable when tempered with love.

I will be as fascinated by Medieval torture devices as I am by the person who chose the topic. Because life is about people. And it’s simple: I love my people.



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