Stream of Consciousness Daily Prompt–City


We dream open doors closed against the tide of human indifference and we say to one another, “This is where I leave off” and we go where we have another task needing doing and I wonder about you while I work with unsteady hands. I whisper in case you are nearby and need assurance, “Yes I’m still here without you, I won’t stop being until you stop seeking” and I stop all my thinking and I just feel for one minute. You go back to your lurking in other spaces and I look at my comrade who is making funny faces like maybe he feels a pain and needs my help. I cannot help him and I know it’s useless to try, I shrug and I ask him, “Would you like some medicine” he says no and I know he’s fine. I want to see if all the lights are still on and I call you to see if you’ll give me a ride. We can drive up the nearest mountain and find a city we like the looks of and watch it shimmer in the distance and maybe you’ll lean over and kiss me and everything will be better than it was and I won’t have to keep pretending I’m not dying and you’ll remember that fast minute that passed like a flash of lightening where you loved me so much I could actually feel it and I knew that I was awake and all the doors weren’t closing after all.


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