Staying Honest Daily Prompt–Perfection


I never thought I’d read your words. That you would bother to write them at all is astonishing. I thought you erased me. I thought you could forget me just by leaving me. I didn’t know you loved me. I never paid attention, I didn’t want to believe that I was capable of letting you down even though I knew I had.

I’m too aware you might be reading this. I’m censoring myself. I’m still scared.

The prompt is perfection….ironic. For a little while I said you were my perfect and you said I was yours. Was it true? I meant it. Did you?

I wish I was still sitting on that little bench waiting for the rabid beasts to attack. I wish I was still next to you, wrapped up in your arms. What can be closer to perfection than me loving you, you loving me? Is there something available that I haven’t been shown? I can’t imagine being safer. I can’t imagine loving more. I can’t imagine it, so I don’t.

If you had wished for anything but me, I would have cursed all dandelions for all time. I have made your wish my mission. I never, ever want to make you cry. I never, ever want to let you down. Please, let it be okay this time.



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