Completely Daily Prompt–Companion


I want someone I can pour all my love into. A vessel. I say I want someone to walk with me, but it’s a lie. I want someone who stumbles. I want to catch them. I know what I need. I know what’s good for me. I don’t want it.

Love me with everything you have and I will be your friend for life. I will never forsake you, never leave you. Your crazy won’t be bigger than my absolute devotion. Your faults will be a reason to yell and scream. They will never, ever be a reason to leave.

Love with shocking abandon, my perfect one, and you will never know what it is to hurt, to ache, to be misunderstood. Let us tie ourselves together, let the binds be unbreakable. Melt into me, accept all that is left of me, dream with me, live with me. Don’t hesitate to give to me, you will only know what it is to be loved




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