Carry Me Daily Prompt–Carry


I want to drop this burden, lighten my load. I want to stretch my shoulders, pop my back, bend this way and that. I want to bring you empty hands, an open mind, a heart vacant and ready. Instead scarred arms, bruised bones, tired eyes and an ancestral need to twist every moment into a thousand tiny knots weighs down even the space around me. I want to shrink to the size of an almond seed and embody nothing but potential. I want to feel the lightness of what could be. I want to let go of the too much I always am. I want you to carry me for a time. I want you to feel how heavy I really am.


2 thoughts on “Carry Me Daily Prompt–Carry

  1. Hi! I hope that this post is your lyrical interpretation of the daily prompt and not how you just feel.
    But if it really is then I want you to unload all the weight you carry back.Live and enjoy each day as it comes and shun your worries and apprehensions.You are supposed to rise higher and higher and that would become possible only when you unload!

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    • Thanks for your comment, and no, it’s not how I really feel in the larger sense. Though, I can’t deny I occasionally feel a bit overburdened. I appreciate that you took the time to read and for your kind words.

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