Pictures Daily Prompt–Learning


I have become a compulsive picture taker. I see birds flying on rainy days and I reach for my phone. I see strange lights in the sky, I see street art in unexpected, hard to reach places and I am compelled to commemorate it with a simple point and shoot. I have not forced my brain to commit to memory a sunset, a smile from my child, my own lipsticked lips in how long?

I have unlearned memory making.

My life truly has become a stage. I follow a script written by an electronic author. I review my picture gallery in an effort to make connections to what I would have once had buried in my bones. I know by sight where I have been, but I have forgotten how to see who I am there. Moments are lost in their recordings.

I must unlearn picture taking.



2 thoughts on “Pictures Daily Prompt–Learning

  1. This reminds me of something I’ve written a while ago (shameless self-promotion here: But seriously, how ironic is that? We take pictures to REMEMBER, but as a result, our memories seem to be lost somewhere in the process. It’s extremely sad. In this digital era, do we even know how to truly enjoy the moment and not worry about instagramming/snapchatting/whatever. And what happened to real, physical photo albums, anyway? Are they still a thing? I wish they were.


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