Social Justice Warrior Call To Action


Shoot them all dead. Break down their doors, drag them from their beds. Break their necks with your bare hands, steal their goods, inform on your friends. Become the monster you pretend to hate; conquer, pillage, rape.

Talk until your jaws are sore, slap them around and then talk some more. Convince them at the point of your sword, sell them goods they can’t afford. Keep at your righteous game, keep at it until we all look, talk, think, feel the same. Break the bones of the resistance, crush the dreams of the artistic. Beat the Jesus follower into submission, force the atheist into religion.

Change their vocabulary, destroy their individuality. Bleed them of their freedom to pursue their own liberty, happiness dies in collective mediocrity. Destroy their hope, annihilate their faith, teach them to post and hashtag, to bitch and brag, to collect hundreds of faceless friends, teach them to lie, to manipulate, to pretend.

Draw a line in the sand, assign each a party line to defend. Allow no reason, give heed to no wise instruction, seek not peace, nor love, nor charity. Create new reasons to hate, create chaos and call it, “debate.” Scream and yell, make them attack. Offend, deride, mock and humiliate until they retaliate. Then strike the fatal blow. Call them, “bigot” and, “racistsexistqueerphobictransphobicnazinarrowmindedantieverythinghater.”

They will fear you, they will follow you, they will beg for your affection, offer the obedient your mercy, grant them your protection. Any who dare speak against you, mow them down where they stand. Bash in the brains of any who dare to think, rip out their tongues if they try to speak. When the world is silent, then you can rest. You can rest when all free thinkers are dead.


Stream of Consciousness–Sail


You’ll follow the wind before you’ll follow the stars I keep pointing to. Let’s dive in and swim. Why stay here on this unmanned ship, this SOS transmitting calamity? I’ll fly like a kite bound by human hands, tumble down, I’ll find the earth without your help, I’ll find my ground. You can float away, sail all day to the island of your dreams, I’ll lean back and watch you sink, I’ll watch you drown. I, too, have heard the sirens call. It sings retreat, it sings flee, you only hear the wind you breathe, calling you out to sea.